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Thoughts on 8 Years Blue Sky Insurance

Blue Sky Insurance is a commercial insurance brokerage agency located in Colorado. For years, we have specialized in the construction business. While it may seem like insurance is a commodity with agency after agency offering the same thing, Blue Sky stands out with specific expertise and an invaluable approach to getting you the right coverage and the right cost.

That’s what every insurance guy or gal says, we know.

But keep reading, please, as the big thing I’ve learned in 8 years is that to make a difference for our customers requires that we think different and better for them.

The Problem. It’s not uncommon for people to have had a mismatch with a policy or a broker or a subpar insurance service. Many business owners feel uneasy and untrusting of insurance companies because of poor performance or a sense that they are paying too much. There are definitely stories of unexpected audits on work policy, poor choice of liability service, misguided directions, and delayed delivery of insurance certificates.

Blue Sky Insurance aims to take the stress and mystery out of the insurance world. We prepare clients for audit situations, educating them on possible premiums and bills. Even better is to work to avoid audits by staying in contact with the client, checking in to reassess earned revenue, and making adjustments changes to avoid unpleasant surprises. Not sure what kind of revenue your company will make this year? Let’s work to keep expectations and premium fees low, only making adjustments when they’re clearly needed.

Ears on the Ground. Blue Sky listens to what the client truly wants to be involved in. That means we make sure that the business is given the right rating and coding, saving money in the process.

Some clients report being turned away from insurance companies in Colorado.

They’re told that project specific policies need larger insurance companies centered out of Los Angeles or Chicago.

Blue Sky can find you the insurance you need within the state, giving you a local advocate, and ensuring quality service.

Turnaround Time. Blue Sky will also deliver on fast returns for insurance certificates. If a policy is turned in before 3pm, the insurance certificate will be issued that day. If a policy is turned in after 3pm, the insurance certificate will be ready the next morning. There’s no waiting around for a certificate that delays entering a site, or inhibits the company from getting paid.

Educated Opinions. Insurance is complicated and there are a lot of moving parts.  Additionally, the bigger the company, the bigger the coverage. Finding and maintaining the best insurance policies for your company can be confusing and stressful. Blue Sky wants to help your company through it all. We’re here to help you get work by giving you coverage, and then we will be there protecting your assets for you, years down the road. Blue Sky Insurance prides itself on putting the customer first.

We work hard to develop relationships with clients and underwriters, being an advocate during the underwriting process, and during the throes of a crisis and claim resolution.

Blue Sky Insurance puts the customer first, sticks with them for the long haul, listens for and solves problems, and makes sure businesses can operate and grow with peace of mind.

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